Direct Mail

The Print and Copy Center provides businesses and individuals alike an easy way to reach and attract potential and existing clients at a low, affordable price through direct mail.

Don’t believe us? Allow us to demonstrate:

With 1000 5x7 postcards, regular postage will cost you $420 to mail them.

Postage1000 @ .42 = $420.00

With our bulk mail system, those same 1000 5x7 postcards will only cost you $290.

Postage1000 @ .21 = $210.00
Bulk mail service1000 @ $80.00

You save a grand total of $120.00! In some cases, that extra $120.00 is enough to even pay for the postcards themselves. And that’s not even the best news. Send us your mailing list and we will address, stamp, and prevent you from waiting in that dreaded line. You know what we’re talking about. Save the money and the stress... allow us to go postal for you!